Your Sparkle Team!

Donna James Scharn

Donna James Scharn

Company Owner

Donna‘s passion comes from knowing our clients lives are easier or better because of the work we do! Donna takes pride in making sure our clients and employees are happy. Whatever it takes is her motto in life and business.
Lupe Whittington

Lupe Whittington

Office Manager

If you looked up the word hard working in the dictionary you would find a picture of Lupe!  She is dedicated to ensuring our business runs efficiently, which our customers love!

Tina Jones

Tina Jones

Company Founder

Tina started this company over 10 years ago with a passion for cleaning! To this day we still have many of the clients who started with Sparkle way back then!
Stephany has been with us since the beginning. She is the queen of clean! Even her cleaning bucket shines! With an eye for organization, Stephany is wonderful at helping our clients get their home in tip top shape.
Savana, our newest cleaner, is the perfect addition to our Sparkle family. Cleaning comes naturally for her. Her dedication to her clients is impeccable and we are so excited to have her!
Meet your residential clean team! The best part about choosing Sparkle as your forever cleaning company is you will never have a stranger in your home! Unlike other cleaning companies, we pride ourselves in being able to form friendships with our clients. You get to customize your clean to meet your standards, get to know the girls and know that your home is always in safe hands.
Ashlynn, who has also been with us since the beginning, is an expert in cleaning. Ashlynn has a real knack for detail and is dedicated to making your home shine!

Here is one of our deep clean crews! We have found it works best when you find what someone is good at and then let them do it. These ladies are amazing at deep cleans and move outs as well as new construction. I also believe when cleaners specialize in something they get really good at it so this team focuses on the deep cleaning. Meet Jen, Savana, Ataya, Peyton and me.

  • Experience 98%
  • Customer Loyalty 95%
  • New Customer Openings 40%
  • Customer Happiness 96%

Sparkle Cleaning is a proud supporter of: The Guardian Group

Guardian Group (GG) is committed to an aggressive, comprehensive approach to taking the fight to human trafficking.

The first part of our strategy focuses on providing training to the travel and hospitality industries.  The service industry is where the predators hide and it is an area we need to expose.

The second part of the strategy is active involvement and assistance in the pursuit and apprehension of criminals. GG’s elite team of experienced professionals will be working with law enforcement and special agencies, primarily by augmenting their intelligence needs, so that they can apprehend and incarcerate predators involved in human trafficking.

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