Cleaning Bend Oregon Tips and Hacks for You!

Here, I'll share with you our favorite cleaning tips.

Not Your Average Joe

A commonly asked question by new clients is; "Do we use our own products?" The answer is YES! We have spent years collecting a plethora of the perfect products we use in every home. We also are not the company to cut corners and use cheap, less effective cleaning...

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What Are You Thankful For?

As I have gotten older and my Thanksgiving roll has shifted, I am finding myself more pumped for the holidays. As a kid Thanksgiving was definitely not my favorite holiday. My grandma, mom and aunt would be up before the sun, stuffing a bird and shoving it into the...

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More Than A Clean House

Often we find ourselves in "auto pilot." Wake up, go to work, get the kids to school, dinner, bath, bedtime and repeat. We forget to stop and count our many blessings. We wait until tragedy hits to briefly reflect on our own lives before switching the pilot light back...

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Cleaning Holiday Blues?

I know I speak for many when I say the holiday's are my favorite time of year! Why? Parties of course! Every year around this time I begin party planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It becomes a frenzy of crafting, treat making, games and...

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The Benefits Of CLEAN

The changing of the seasons is upon us! For us Central Oregonians it means we pack up the camping gear, winterize our summer fun toys, bring out the cozy blankets, and ready ourselves for winter. With the kids heading back to school we are resuming our "normal"...

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Susie Homemaker

Over the weekend I was browsing Pinterest when I came across cleaning tips and tricks, and how to get organized. Beautifully designed daily checklists, calendars, a recipe book, and my favorite: a basket of cleaning supplies for each room in your house. As I scrolled,...

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