A commonly asked question by new clients is; “Do we use our own products?” The answer is YES! We have spent years collecting a plethora of the perfect products we use in every home. We also are not the company to cut corners and use cheap, less effective cleaning products. We spend the money to ensure our clients are getting the best of the best. Not only with the product’s effectiveness but also one that leaves your house smelling clean and fresh.

We have a cleaning product for just about anything you could dream up. We even have products for our clients who have sensitivities to smell. Want organic products? We have you covered. We ensure we are up to date in the times and we mold our company around what is in high demand.

If you are looking for quick and cheap we are not the company for you. We know our prices are slightly above average but we are also number one in Central Oregon. Most companies are not as versatile, experienced, and as professional as we are. We know because we do the research! You wouldn’t walk into a doctors office that wasn’t up to par, why allow people into your home who aren’t?

Everyday we strive to be better. We are never at a stand still. While our crews are out making Central Oregon homes shine, we are in the office continuing to brainstorm on how to be better. We appreciate that we have open communication with our clients and have built friendships with each and every one. We never want to just be a plain jane cleaning company, that’s why we offer much, much more than anyone else around!12507423_1054004237967462_6581320186648165482_n

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